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"The Art Of Making A Business Run" - How Important Is ITSM?

"The Art Of Making A Business Run" - How Important Is ITSM?

The Art Of Making A Business Run How Important Is ITSM


The best way to describe Information Technology Service Management without getting overly technical about IT is to say that it covers absolutely everything that a business of any size needs to run efficiently and productively. Therefore, referring to ITSM as 'The Art Of Making A Business Run' couldn't be any more appropriate! Beyond the technical side, it also has provision for the legal and administrative elements of operating a company's IT infrastructure, and so there has never been a better time for business owners to understand why ITSM is important.

Satisfying GDPR Requirements

The importance of ITSM is underlined by the fact that it provides a complete framework for making a company compliant with GDPR, and therefore it removes this major headache for directors and management. As long as data is properly protected from theft and 'leaks,' and there is a clear plan in place to inform clients if there is any kind of breach, a company's owners can rest assured that GDPR is being followed to the letter.

Implementing An 'Off The Shelf' ITSM Product

If your company needs an ITSM solution that is pretty much ready to go instantly after purchase, with perhaps a small amount of tweaking to ensure that it fulfils all of your business needs, then you need to realise the importance of vendors for ITSM implementation. Modern ITSM packages can be purchased, configured, adjusted and implemented efficiently because they effectively walk IT managers through the process, and these have been developed by listening to feedback from IT professionals who have already implemented ITSM manually. Automation is very much at the core of modern ITSM, and the sooner that everything is up and running, the sooner that a business can be operating efficiently.

Effective Backup Planning When Things Go Wrong

Anyone who is in any doubt about the importance of ITSM should look into the way that it provides all the tools necessary for coming up with an action plan when faults occur. Any sort of downtime will prevent a company running to its fullest potential, and so an ITSM-based process for identifying issues and resolving them will minimise periods of reduced productivity or even periods of complete shutdown. As an added bonus, ITSM also covers forward planning for new IT projects and keeps future problems to an absolute minimum.

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