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How Do I Become ITIL Certified And What Are The Costs Involved?

How Do I Become ITIL Certified And What Are The Costs Involved?

new-How Do I Become ITIL Certified And What Are The Costs Involved

What Is ITIL?

ITIL, which is formerly known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the most commonly used ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) framework. ITIL defines how IT is managed as a service, rather than focusing on just the components used within IT.

ITIL was created by the UK government in the late 1980s when the Office of Government Commerce was required to create a framework for financially responsible and efficient use of IT resources. Today over 2 million people now have ITIL qualifications and use the five ITIL books to manage entire IT service lifecycles. The three most popular areas of ITIL are incident management, change management and problem management.

Why It Is Important For A Business To Become ITIL Certified

For every business offering IT service management, it is important that everyone is qualified to at least foundation level in ITIL. An ITIL certified professional will be able to understand the complexities of ITIL processes, services and the overall lifecycle of the various approaches.

Once an IT executive is qualified, they will have the skills required to bring positive changes to a business, optimising overall customer experience and contributing to the improvement of processes throughout the business.

The Benefits Of ITIL Certification

If you are looking to develop a career in the field of IT service management, an ITIL certification is highly-regarded by many organisations. ITIL certification will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the 5 ITIL stages; service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and finally continuous service improvement.

How Do I Get Certified In ITIL?

To begin the process of becoming ITIL certified, students will initially need to complete the entry-level ITIL Foundation certification exam. Once the foundation level course is completed, full ITIL certification can be achieved through a series of qualification levels which cover various details of ITIL.

The next stage is the Practitioner Level certification which is designed to teach students how to improve productivity, collaboration and efficiency. Students then move through to the Intermediate Level which covers service lifecycle and service capability.

For those who are fully dedicated to understanding ITIL, the next stages are the Expert Level exams and, finally, Master Level certification. To complete the final stage, you will need to demonstrate how your ITIL knowledge has benefited a variety of settings.

Once the ITIL practitioner exam is completed you will become a certified professional within Service Management.

The ITIL Certification Cost

For those who are considering ITIL certification, the cost in the UK for taking the Foundation Level course is roughly £269.

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