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Three Benefits Of Hiring IT Professionals To Provide ITSM Support For Your Business

Three Benefits Of Hiring IT Professionals To Provide ITSM Support For Your Business

Three Benefits Of Hiring IT Professionals To Provide ITSM Support For Your Business


If you think that Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is an acronym that only really applies to large businesses and corporations, you are definitely mistaken! The principles of ITSM are just as important for companies with 10 employees as they are for those with tens of thousands of people, and yet it is a proven fact that smaller operations are far less likely to employ someone who is ITSM-proficient.

ITSM and ITIL professionals (those who have completed ITIL ITSM certification) are absolutely vital for smaller companies. Why? Because if ITSM isn't properly implemented, there is a far higher likelihood of problems occurring that take a lot of time and energy to solve.

Minimising IT Faults And Outages

Effective ITSM includes putting solid plans in place for when things go wrong with IT infrastructure, and while a large business may have the facilities and manpower in place to simply re-route operations when things go wrong, in a small company a breakdown could cause delays and loss of money. An ITSM business analyst can help you minimise downtime and increase productivity.

ITSM also includes the concept of planning new IT projects with fault minimisation in mind, and if your business can effectively stop faults before they even happen, it will be a huge benefit.

Full GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is another vital piece of business legislation that applies to absolutely every size of company. Companies could be fined up to 4% of their annual turnover for a serious breach, and this could be as simple as failing to keep client data secure or allowing employees to take vital business documents home without the necessary protection. Staff who are knowledgeable about ITSM will automatically be up to date with GDPR, and more importantly they will know exactly how to implement it in your business - it is about far more than just checking some guidelines on the internet.

Clearly Defined Roles And Responsibilities

Part of ITSM implementation includes developing a clear structure that indicates exactly who is responsible for every IT-critical task within an organisation, and in a small business this is hugely beneficial because the same member of staff can’t be expected to do everything! With the right knowledge in place, it is possible to delegate tasks to individual employees when it fits in with the needs and demands of the business, and in most cases it will actually enhance their role - even if they are not primarily employed in an IT position. This form of planning comes into its own when IT faults occur, perhaps in a 'resiliency' scenario that effectively hands over crucial computer-related tasks to team members while specialists resolve the issue.

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